Data Science: Creating Report using Power BI

Creating Report in Power BI

First Create One Blank Workspace. We can Import our dataset or we can use some samples and create a power BI report. Here I used the Cities_Internet_Prices.csv data set.

First, we will be creating a visualization that shows the representation of INTERNET PRICE by COUNTRY For making this visualization, we have to select “Country” and “InternetPrice” columns from the data set and choose the visualization from the visualization tab.

Generated pie chart for selected columns

1st Report

As you can we have visualized InternetPrices by Country.

We have one bar chart of Country.

Now by Selecting or highlighting any area in the report we get particular information for that part in all visualizations.

Let’s See Another Report…

Only for India

As you can see here I select the India section from the pie chart and all the charts highlighted the information only for India.

In this blog, we have learned how to create different reports to get insights into data and how to represent data from any dataset.




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