Summer Internship-Location Based Voice Reminder (Android Application)

3 min readAug 9, 2020

What is Android ?

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. It is used by several smartphones and tablets. The Android operating system (OS) is based on the Linux kernel.

What is Android Studio ?

Android Studio is the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android app development, based on IntelliJ IDEA. A unified environment where you can develop for all Android devices.

What is Gradle ?

Gradle is a build system, which is responsible for code compilation, testing, deployment and conversion of the code.


Location Based Voice Reminder is user friendly application which we had developed it in android studio. This project is the solution of some real-time problems we are facing and we tried to make project robust. If user sets a plan for a journey and user forgot about halt or work to be taken during journey. So user need to go back to finish their work and also waste time of user. But this project is one kind of application which can help user to remind for their halt or work during journey. Hence, we designed this project.

How I inspired to build this application ?

The purpose of our application is to provide user friendly application of location reminder which will allow user to remind for their task. Help users to complete journey in time. Main purpose of our project is to save time and easy to remember user for all important tasks by easily set reminder that will notify when location arrive.

For example, If client needs to go from Ahmedabad to Vadodara for a meeting, and he needs to make stop at Nadiad to meet his Manager. He additionally needs to make halt at Anand to take the print outs to be given in the meeting.


  • This application is design for a planned journey which will help the user to plan the journey to succeed in on time and to do some work on the way without fail. Other functionality of the application includes recording the voice for reminder.
  • It checks whether the user is running out of the time throughout the journey. If it’s so, then application will provide notification by playing the recorded voice.
  • It additionally offer the functionality of location based reminder that user may be notified when he/she getting ready to reach the location as per the plan.

About Application

  • Flow Chart
  • Snapshots

Home Page

Home page of our application where user user see existing task they created.

Add Task

User can create new task.

Select Location

User have to select location for reminding task at that location.


Hence, i have learned many new things such as android studio basics, the implementation of java concepts in real world application. Than i came to know how project is to be developed and how it’s to be implemented. Now i have knowledge of developing project on the basis of user’s requirements and real world problems. So now i can use my experience in future projects.

GitHub Project Link